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Hi, this is Kiyomi. I am in charge of SDGs activities at the Singapore branch.

16 November 2023, 10 volunteer members of SGP branch accompanied 10 residents with disabilities living in wheelchairs at AWWA Home (one able to walk) on a mini excursion to Jewel (A large shopping mall next to the airport) and Changi Airport. As a special bus had to be hired for the wheelchair users, SGP branch covered the transport cost.

I would like to share our volunteer activities with you.


At 10:30am, we waited for their arrival in the coach bay of Terminal 1

After they arrived, we headed to Jewel’s Canopy with AWWA group. The group tickets were arranged in advance for the entrance fee to Canopy, and our volunteer members were happy to cover the cost for everyone. (Thanks to all!)


Canopy Tour

It was their first-time visiting Jewel, and even for us, who have lived in Singapore for many years, this was our first visit to Canopy.



They were overjoyed to see Jewel Falls.

Originally, we were planning to walk from Jewel to Terminal 3, but one of them saw the Sky Train passing and wanted to ride it, so we all took the Sky Train and moved to Terminal 3.


Lunch at Swensen’s in Terminal 3

Our interaction with AWWA began in May 2023 through Mr Frank Khoo (former Chief Investment Officer of City Developments Ltd), a member of the AWWA Community Partnership Committee.

I have had various discussions with Ms Natasha, Ms Wrightia and Mr. Frank from the AWWA team to ensure that adults with additional needs and mobility challenges can access the airport and Jewel facilities.

We were introduced to Mr Ang, the owner of Swensen’s Restaurant and Mr Benny, the general manager who are related to Mr Frank, and thanks to their sponsorship, all the participants were able to enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant at Changi Airport. Thank you Swensen’s!



She was overjoyed when she saw her long-awaited ice cream parfait.


Isn’t it wonderful to see such wonderful smiles with our support?

AWWA is a social service organization that support for education and disability support for children and adults with additional needs, as well as support for low-income households and caregivers, and health and social assistance for vulnerable seniors.

Once they reach the age of 18, they go to an adult facility, so they don’t have as many activities programs as children. Also, as they become adults, their parents also age, so they have fewer opportunities to go out. AWWA Home opened 2022. It can accommodate 300 residents, but currently about 30 are boarding. Due to a lack of staff, they are unable to accommodate people with disabilities even though they have rooms available. Therefore, they cannot go out like this trip without external support (manpower & cost). This trip was made possible with our support for the first time since the establishment of AWWA Home.

One of the participants was a lady who was deaf, blind, and unable to speak. From around the age of 17, her disability gradually worsened.  She communicated with one of our staff members who took care of her during the trip by using sign language and writing in small letters on paper. She asked many questions to him.  Where do you work?  Did you go to university?  Which faculty?  Are you married? Do you have children?

When I visited AWWA Home in Aug 2023, she was walking up and down the railing next to the elevator hall. A staff member told me, “That’s how she exercises.”

I wonder what her days are like. Imagine if you were in the same situation as her.

Without someone to be there for her, she can’t go anywhere, and she can’t even communicate.

People with severe disabilities can’t get out and about as easily as the rest of us. However, if we support them, they can go out, communicate with us, and have opportunities for interaction.

What is normal to us is special to them.

Let’s each and every one of us be kind and give them “Something special”!




The Singapore branch would like to continue such activities in the future.