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Hi, everyone. This is Shimo from the Singapore branch.

Our branch recently made a donation to help provide food to those experiencing difficult times and help reduce food waste. We’d like to share the details of this donation with you today.

For this donation, we utilized a “Deposit & Donation” method which takes the average balance of our client deposit accounts over a certain period of time as a reference point for determining the donation amount(※). This was the first project of its type for the Singapore Branch. In selecting the recipient of this donation, we first chose several candidates and then had all branch employees vote for whom they thought should receive the donation. In doing so, we were able to link business operations with sustainability activities while raising employee awareness of SDG initiatives.

※ This donation is an independent activity whose funds were disbursed from the Singapore Branch’s budget. It referenced deposit balances in determining the donation amount.


We selected The Food Bank Singapore Ltd as the recipient of this donation. The Food Bank Singapore Ltd was established in Singapore in 2012 and is a member of The Global Food Banking Network, an organization with over 950 Food Banks in 40 countries around the world. Our donation amounted to 1,000 meals which will be provided to those in need.

The following is a letter of appreciation we received from The Food Bank Singapore Ltd.


Many of our clients have expressed their support of this activity. The Singapore Branch will continue to plan similar activities in the future as a way to continue raising employee awareness of SDGs.