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Hi, this is Kiyomi. I am in charge of SDGs activities at the Singapore branch.

The Deposit and Donation Programme started last year. The programme determines the amount of donations based on the average balance of deposits from customers over a certain period of time. Two charities, AWWA (Asian Women’s Welfare Association) and SATA CommHealth, were voted by staff to be the donation recipients for 2023, and in early March the Singapore branch made donations to these two organisations.

We visited them and received a letter of appreciation.


We listened to stories about the purpose and activities of the charity organization.


We had a tour of their facilities.

What these charities need are donations and manpower. There are many elderly people and people with disabilities who need support, but there are not enough people to support them.

The Singapore branch will increase volunteer activities in the future and create opportunities for staff to participate in social contributions as much as possible.